PIGGY - Escape From Pig

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Welcome to PIGGY - Escape From Pig. Scary piggy keeps you at home, can you escape from the pig? The house of horrors is a large house with many rooms, you need to find enough secret keys to escape. Piggy is a survival game. To survive, you will have to solve various puzzles, and secrets, and escape while avoiding the pig. The pig's goal is to kill you, or at least prevent you from escaping. In order for the pig to hunt/kill the player, the pig must touch you. The main goal is to find all the necessary items and use them correctly to escape from piggy-piggy horror escape. The scary piggy keeps you locked up in his house. You don't have much time to escape. Don't get too close to piggy. Find objects, remove locks, and escape from this creepy house. This escape is new, pig horror, a piggy horror story is waiting for you! But if you can't find a way out and escape... Piggy horror game will destroy you. Piggy's scary game is an exciting story to escape from home, but be careful.

Mouse and keyboard.