Five Nights at Candy's unblocked

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Play Five Nights at Candy's unblocked on for free. Welcome to Five Nights at Candy's The horror series about animatronic mascots controlled by a terrifying AI has blown everyone away. Its creepy visuals and the contrast of humor and terror inspired an entire subgenre. The fans who want more should try Five Nights at Candy’s online. This spinoff continues the story of the original with an unexpected twist. Apparently, Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria has closed down recently for unclear reasons. A local burger place with a similar kid-friendly theme has just hired a security guard.

The goal is to watch after the restaurant after dark and keep the generator running. However, the robotic animals are acting kind of strange. Something seems to be attracting them to the staff room. Who knows what will happen if they find a way in? It’s better not to risk it. Ward them off and stay safe in the course of the week.

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