Sonic Advance 2

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It's possible now to play Sonic Advance 2 game in your web browser for free at In this retro platformer game - Sonic Advance 2 – dash through the forest and other stages as Sonic the Hedgehog and unlock additional characters! In the jungle, dash, roll, and make hola-hoops to feel the pace! Collect as many rings as you can and don't let anything or anyone stand in your way!

Sonic Advance 2 is a GameBoy Advance speed-run platformer game (GBA). In Sonic Advance 2, a new character named "Cream – the Rabbit" appears, along with her Chao "Cheese." In addition, the game has superior performance and animation, as well as more catchy music than the first Sonic Advance game. In the second installment of the Sonic Advance franchise, try to stop Dr. Eggman from carrying out his nefarious intentions once more. Are you going to be able to accomplish each act in under two minutes?

Click inside the screen to activate controls

Arrow keys – Movement
Space – Select
Enter – Start
“Z” key – a button
“X” key – b button
“S” key – r button
“A” key – l button


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