Slice them all! 3D

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It is like soap cutting but much-much better. Cut soap-like objects of different shapes and kinds. Become a Slicing Hero! Play now and feel the amazing satisfaction with realistic cutting effects, relaxing sounds, and different types of blades and heroes.

Mr. Slice Game Features:
- Abstract 3D graphics;
- Simple gameplay;
- Large selection of blades and heroes;
- Dozens of levels. The more you cut, the more points you earn for doing so. And over time, you can buy new blades and other heroes to help you relax and have fun in your free time.

Mr. Slice is an exciting game about a cool superhero who can turn into a sharp knife and cut everything in his path. In this game you can try yourself as the most unusual hero you have ever played as. Mr. Slice is a super agent, whose main ability is to transform into a huge knife, that skilfully cuts everything in its way. You'll nurture your ward so that at one point he can turn everything in his path into dust and rubble.


Hypercasual Arcade