Pick a Path The Loud House

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Play Pick-a-Path The Loud House Game online in your web browser and mobile at for free and more html5 games. We know for a fact that The Loud House Games is currently one of our most beloved games of Nickelodeon Games online, so, of course, we are always down to offering you new and awesome games to play in it, games such as the one you will play right now and is called Pick-a-Path The Loud House, a new point-and-click adventure game unlike it has ever been added for you! For this kind of game, with each new part of it, you will be given two paths to choose from, two courses of action, and you have to select the one that you want.

Depending on what you pick, the story is going to unfold differently, with the first story being about trying to get money and donations to make roofs for birdhouses in the park. Now, make sure to not waste too much time picking your path, because you only get 20 seconds. Also, for some stages of the game, you have puzzles to solve, and you do it by dragging items around, such as putting the banana peels into the trash cans, since littering is not something nice. This is how your new The Loud House adventure starts, after you pick if you want to be Lincoln, Ronnie Anne, or Clyde, so start playing right now, and we hope to see you play even more of our cool new games of the day, or more Nick Games like only here can be found!

Use the mouse.


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