Palworld Parkour and Shooting

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Ever heard of the Palworld game? play no Palworld Parkour and Shooting. It's like the ultimate adventure, my friend! Picture this: you're in this crazy world where the Pals are totally famished. And guess what? They won't let you finish the level until you feed their hungry bellies!

So, you strap on your gear as Grizzbolt, armed to the teeth with a machine gun loaded up with cakes! Yeah, you heard that right—cakes! Your mission? Seek out those Pals, feed 'em, and nab 'em before they run off!

But hold up, it's not all about stuffing faces and catching critters. You gotta navigate through some seriously cool levels, scavenge for objects, and snag those shiny gold coins along the way. Oh, and did I mention the Iron Ingots? Every time you conquer a level, you bag one of those bad boys, boosting the amount of gold coins you rake in. Sweet deal, right?

And hey, the fun doesn't stop there! Challenge your buddies and see who can rack up the highest score. It's all about that friendly competition, baby!

Ready to dive into the world of "Palworld Parkour and Shooting"? You can get in on the action over at, alongside a whole heap of other epic free and unblocked games. Best part? No downloads required—just jump in and start having a blast!

Collect cotton candy, milk and gold coins!
Complete levels to get more gold coins!
Shoot cakes to feed the fella. By feeding the fella and making friends with him, you can catch him, and you will also be given coins for this!
Complete the level quickly and get bonus gold coins!
But be careful while Pal is hungry - he is trying to catch you and take all the cakes. If he succeeds (or if you fall into the water) you will have to start the level over again.

Mobile devices:
Left side of the screen - Move
Right side of the screen - Aiming
Buttons on the right side - Jump and Shoot
Center of the screen - pause

WASD - Move
SPACE - Jump
Escape - Pause (menu)
Mouse movement - Camera rotation
Left mouse button - Shoot


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