Hotel Tycoon Empire

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Hotel Tycoon Empire is an incremental idle clicker & a business simulator game you can play in your web browser for free on, where you are in charge as a manager of running a small hotel chain and making the incremental business empire grow. The end goal of this game is to make this small motel chain into a grand hotel business empire with multiple rooms & floors and become a super-rich and famous tycoon!

Run your own Hotel like a Business Tycoon Idle click and Tap through your way from a small motel to a grand hotel empire, create and build everything from scratch, make smart and strategic business decisions, hire smart employees, expand the hotel, run daily operations, take good care of customers and keep them happy.

Expand the Hotel Business Expand your motel to hotel from 1st floor to 10th and more floors! You can make the rooms bigger and better as you expand and grow your business. Use Tap-tap or idle clicker method and create a gym for customers to workout or let the customers workout by taking a swim in the swimming pool. Create a café or a restaurant, or a casino to play games or go to a Spa to get some skincare or get a massage!

Hire Employees To become a hotel tycoon, you need to hire great employees. As the business grows bigger, Manage your staff efficiently you will need to hire multiple employees ranging from a receptionist to a gym instructor for helping out with workout sessions for customers, from a café barista to restaurant waiter, from cleaning staff manager to casino manager to help customers with games and so on.

Tap - Tap or Tap and Hold to interact


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