Funnys Funhouse Mania

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It's possible now to play Funnys Funhouse Mania game in your web browser for free at Join Mickey and his friends while visiting magical worlds together in the Funny's Funhouse Mania game! The cute mouse and his buddies are always going on new adventures, and it's your chance to join them. Funny will be your guide, and he will take on various forms to help you with your quests. Are you ready to explore each land and complete your missions?

Your primary goal is to solve three challenges that require focus and a steady hand. Travel through Majestica, the Underwater Ocean, and the Winter Mountain and do your best to stay safe throughout the journey. Just remember to avoid obstacles at all costs and keep your eyes on the screen. If you're ready, it's time to head off!

Your three destinations include Majestica, the Underwater Ocean, and Winter Mountain. Listen to the instructions carefully, give each mission a try, and collect your rewards!

Try to stay out of trouble and avoid obstacles at all costs. Depending on your performance, you might need to challenge each quest multiple times before unlocking new items.

See how many pies Farus can eat, roll down the mountain as a snowball, and save Goofy from the sea creatures! Some of the stages have time limits, so you have to pay attention to the clock.

What else you should know
If you need some extra seconds, just keep an eye out for power-ups, and you can keep playing a while longer. However, if you make mistakes, you will see your time decrease even faster!

Have you managed to unlock some new items? If so, open the Decorator door and put your creativity to the test. Place your favorite characters in the scene, change the background and take a picture! After that, you can head off to the Wiggle Giggle room, where you will see some funny clips of Mickey and his buddies!

Well, what do you say? Get ready to join the Disney Junior cast for this mission! Your friends are counting on you to solve Funny's challenges.

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Funny needs a hero to help Mickey and his buddies with their quest! Luckily you won't need any superpowers because you can simply use your mouse to solve the tasks. Drag your cursor across the screen and keep tapping to move your character. It's that easy


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