Friday Night Funkin Vs Anders Full Week

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Meet hitman Sanders:
Play Friday Night Funkin Vs Anders Full Week game in your web browser for free at and more fun games. Sanders is a secret agent, a hitman, and his new target is Boyfriend, but instead of shooting him, the two are going to have a rhythm battle. Sanders looks just like you would think a hitman does being dressed up in a suit, but his head is a dark robotic one which also has exhausts like in specialized gas masks, and holds a gun in one of his hands and a mic in another.
How to play the Friday Night Funkin Vs Anders Full Week mod:

You are going to do it just like in previous mods, using the arrow keys to get all the notes at the correct times, because if you make too many mistakes one after another, you lose, because Sanders will overtake you, as he will have played the song better than you.

Try to be as focused as possible so that you hit all the notes, because Boyfriend’s life is in danger, and only you can save him!


Programming by ninjamuffin99
Art by PhantomArcade 3K and Evilsk8r
Music by Kawai Sprite

Mod by:

typic (Artist, Music Producer, Coder)
Original Mod

Use the arrow keys.


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