Friday Night Funkin Static Full Week

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Can Boyfriend defeat Static, the music robot?
Play Friday Night Funkin Static Full Week game in your web browser for free at and more fun games. Static is a robot made just to funk, but he has been deemed defective, which is why he hopes to win a music battle against Boyfriend and prove that is far from being the case, but you are playing as BF and doing your best to defeat him!

Face him on the following songs:

Midnight Channel

Reach their end by singing the notes at the right times in the charts, so when arrow symbols match above his head, press the same arrow keys.

If you do this correctly to the end of the songs, the progress bar turns in your favor, and you win, but be careful not to miss too many notes, or you lose!


Programming by ninjamuffin99
Art by PhantomArcade 3K and Evilsk8r
Music by Kawai Sprite

Mod by:

Summus (Creator, Composer, Sprite Artist)
Original Mod

Use the arrow keys.


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