Disc Duel Gumball

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It's possible now to play Gumball Disc Duel game in your web browser for free at iyigames.com and more fun games. there are no Cartoon Network Games like the one that you are about to play right at this moment, the game called Gumball Disc Duel is one of the most exciting two-player games you will be able to find on our website, where everyone is invited right now to have the best time possible with this game, which is a sports game unlike we have added here before, so not playing it would mean you are missing out on lots of fun that you could have with it, which is why we wanted it here in the first place.

Now, begin by choosing between the single-player mode and the 2 player mode, and then choose which character each player will want to be in the game. One player uses the arrows to move, and the N, M keys to attack, while the second player will use the w, a, s, d keys to move, and v, and b to attack. Your goal is to throw the disc at your opponent in such a manner that you get it past them and into their goal, earning a point, with the player earning more points before the game finishes becoming the winner. Good luck, enjoy, and make sure to try out even more great games we have here for you!

Use the keyboard.


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