Construct A Bridge

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Play Construct A Bridge game in your web browser for free at and more fun games. Construct a Bridge is a cool physics-based game in which you can put your engineering brain to the test. At each level, you will be required to build a bridge capable of withstanding the weight of a heavy truck passing across it. How you build your bridge is entirely up to you.

There are anchor points available in which you can draw lines between, these lines will create the actual structure of the bridge. Try different designs to find the strongest structure and let the truck pass safely across. If your bridge is not strong enough it will buckle under the weight of the truck and collapse. Good luck!

-A fun and challenging bridge building game
-10 levels to play
-At each level, you are given money and can spend it to buy the bridge's parts
-Nice background and music

Use the left mouse button to play.


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