Ball Legs 3D

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76% (10/13)
Yo, have you guys heard about Ball Legs 3D? It's this crazy addictive game where you gotta race against three other AI players and be the first to reach the finish line. You control this little ball with legs (sounds weird, but trust me, it's fun), and you gotta move fast and use your legs to climb and roll on slopes to gain speed and overtake the competition.

The game is no joke, man. You gotta be quick and strategic to win. It's one of those games where you're like, "just one more round" and before you know it, hours have passed. But trust me, it's worth it.

Oh, and the best part? You can play it for free on They got a ton of other dope games too, and you don't even gotta download anything. It's unblocked, so you can play it at school or work (shhh, don't tell anyone I said that).

So what are you waiting for? Give Ball Legs 3D a try and see if you got what it takes to be the champion!

keyboard and mouse.